Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Are You Wise to WISEdash?

A new state resource offers public librarians the opportunity to look at data about Wisconsin school children in their community.  Whether viewing academic performance on reading tests or examining enrollment numbers, librarians can now easily get a better understanding of the children they are serving.  

Launched in early October, the WISEdash Public Portal offers parents and citizens enhanced technology to view and compare public school and district data in a web-based, dashboard format.

The WISEdash Public Portal can be found at http://wisedash.dpi.wi.gov. It is laid out with topic tabs and filter panes at the top of the webpage with data graphs and graph exploration tips in the results pane. In the three-minute “how-to video,” users can view a demonstration of how to use the portal, including a side-by-side comparison of district and state-level results. The portal also features a prominent link to a one-page user guide as well as links to popular searches, user help, and other state and national reports.

Additional information is available on the Department of Public Instruction newsroom website http://news.dpi.wi.gov/files/eis/pdf/dpinr2013_145.pdf. Visit WISEdash directly at http://wisedash.dpi.wi.gov.