Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Pile of Brochures...Or a Box of Amazement?

Part of the Growing Wisconsin Readers initiative is about building connections with non-library early literacy folks in your community.  One way of doing this is to make Growing Wisconsin Readers materials available at different sites around town such as the community center, neighborhood daycare facilities, or the church nursery.  

A recent post on Public Libraries Online discussed the difficulties making community connections, despite best intentions.  The author's solution?  Outreach in a box--a ready-to-go display and site-specific collection of materials.

The Concept

In essence, the idea and development, is very similar to that of a book group in a box, but more service-oriented and directed. We would pack up a box full of specifically tailored pathfinders, collection spotlights, resource guides, card signup links, and library promo materials. But we also wanted to have a physical presence there – a little satellite library that could maybe even be eventually used as a community reads distribution center, or at least have a more substantial presence than a couple bookmarks and flyers lying on a countertop.

(From Outreach in a Box by  on January 6, 2014)

How might you make a Growing Wisconsin Readers outreach box for a location in your community?  Send in your photos or ideas for a future blog post!