Monday, April 28, 2014

1000 Books: Wisconsin Leads the Way

1000 Books Before Kindergarten are popular drop-in activities in public libraries.  While the program originated in Indiana, 1KB4K is sinking deep roots in Wisconsin.  This week on the Growing Wisconsin Readers blog, we will explore how 1000 Books is budding in a few libraries around the state. 

There is no one way or "right" way to run a 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program. Most are homegrown and incorporate ideas from existing programs. Typically, libraries enroll adult caregivers of young children in the program and offer a welcome letter and reading logs. Caregivers incrementally record the number of books read to their young child. Recognition of milestones in the form of library progress posters or other program motivators are often included in programs. For example, a child might get to add a leaf to a paper tree for each 100 books read. There is usually significant recognition when the family reaches the 1000 book goal, ideally by the start of kindergarten.
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