Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Does Tot Tech Time Look Like?

It feels like a shift recently occurred in the way that public librarians and early childhood educators and advocates are thinking about young children and screen time.  A statewide conversation took place at the Growing Wisconsin Readers Symposium on March 21 and a national dialog took place on March 26 through the Beyond Screen Time event hosted by the New America Foundation.  
Image Source: Flickr

During the Beyond Screen Time presentation, a "Tech Together" public library program was mentioned by Lori Romero, Supervisor and Coordinator, Arapahoe Library District Child and Family Library Services, Colorado.  The "Tech Together" program at Arapahoe Library District was designed to provide an opportunity for parents & caregivers of preschool children to learn about age-appropriate digital experiences, ask questions, and explore tablets & apps.  You can learn more about it on the Little eLit blog in a post by librarian extraordinaire Melissa Depper.