Friday, May 16, 2014

Using Data from PALS

Sheila Briggs, Ph.D, and Lynette Russell, Ph.D, emphasize the primary use of PALS data - as a tool for delivering literacy instruction targeted to a student's individual strengths and areas of need. Briggs and Russel provide specific examples of uses and limitations of PALS data including the potential role of PALS data in Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), part of Wisconsin's model for Educator Effectiveness.

The main points of this presentation are outlined in "Using PALS Data."

As you view this session, consider the following:
  • What are some appropriate uses of data collected from PALS? What are some ways that data from PALS is not designed to be utilized? How does this align with your school or district's uses for PALS data?
  • What are the potential uses of PALS data in the process of writing and implementing Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)? What stakeholders within your school/district need more information about PALS and SLOs?
  • What other stakeholders need to understand uses and limitations of PALS data (such as community organizations or after school programs)?

Resources for Additional Learning: