Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alphabet and Apps

Leah Langby from Indianhead Federated Library System (IFLS) shared some insights about children's alphabet knowledge on the YSS Blog.  From her attendance at the recent Collaborating Partners for Early Childhood event, Langby explained that, "If you are using a 'letter of the week' as a way to introduce alphabet knowledge in your storytimes, you might want to consider some other methods.  According to presenter Gaye Tylka, there is no evidence that shows that promoting a letter of the day or week is particularly effective for introducing letters." To read the entire post, head to the Youth Services Section Shout-Out--YSS! blog as well as watch for more event insights from Leah on the IFLS Keeping Up With Kids blog. 

Elijah Mayfield at LightSide, a lab devoted to investigating automated support for student writing, recently shared,"Seven Lessons Learned About ELA Apps, courtesy of Common Sense Media" in an online post. While emphasizing the role of English Language Arts apps in the classroom environment, Mayfield's observations offer food for thought for youth librarians, especially in regard to our support of children, families, and educators regarding app recommendations and use

Image Sources: Pixabay and Pixabay