Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Early Literacy Storytimes--Do They Make a Difference?

At the American Libraries Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas earlier this month, researchers from the University of Washington, the other UW, presented information from a recent study about early literacy efforts in public libraries.  Specifically, the UW iSchool project questioned whether the early literacy focus of storytimes makes a difference for children's learning to read successfully.

The short answer: YES! Purposeful focus on early literacy principles makes a difference in programs and in children's early literacy behaviors.

To learn more about the study, view the slides from the session materials on the ALA Conference schedule. Be sure to check out PDFs for the early literacy behavior indicators in the areas of writing concepts, vocabulary, print concepts, phonological awareness, language use, comprehension, communication, and alphabetic awareness.  These charts provide a clear look at reading goals as executed by the librarian and child.
View the UW Project Views2 Facebook page for more info