Friday, November 7, 2014

Early Literacy Activity Area in Livingston, WI

We developed an early literacy activity area in our library as a result of the Growing Wisconsin Readers mini-grant.  Children, parents, and care-givers use the area during library visits and story time.

We purchased a dollhouse, wood blocks, farm animals, magnetic letters, sequence puzzle, alphabet abacus, signage and five board books (alphabet, counting, farm and dollhouse themes.)

Magnetic letters assist with alphabet awareness
Children learn by doing! The area encourages reading readiness through reading, language experience, and hands-on activities.  Cooperation and imaginative play are a significant part of the activities. 

Since we now have a specific child-friendly area in our library, care-givers and children spend more time in the library and I observe positive interaction.  It is a fun place to be!

Even though the space is limited, we also have beginning puzzles, lots of board books, crayons, color sheets, a child-height table, chairs, rocking chair and an ABC rug used during story time.

As the children (toddler-4K) arrive for story time, they may go to the activity area. This allows time to settle in and become acquainted with their peers. The caregivers see the library as not just a place to check out books, but also a resource for developing reading-readiness skills.

A flyer to promote the library and literacy area is a work in progress.  We are always thinking of ways to encourage care-givers and children to utilize the library and recognize the importance of interacting and reading with their children. 

The library and local Safe and Stable Families group are committed to continue support of the literacy area.  They see it as a positive addition to the library. 

“It takes a village to raise a child!”

Mary Sue Divine, Assistant Librarian
Allen-Dietzman Public Library, Livingston, WI

Photo provided by the author