Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keeping STEAM Simple

Color mixing with caregivers
When asked to write a post for the Growing Wisconsin Readers blog, I hesitated. After all, I have not made any earthshaking changes in my programs for the preschool story times.  Over the years I have made some gradual changes. In my story times, I currently implement the five literacy practices: reading, writing, talking, singing and playing.   I bring STEAM activities into my story times and have recently started working with technology and apps to present to the children and their caregivers.

My most recent story time was about color.  I read the book I Dream of an Elephant.  The preschoolers selected colored felt elephants from the floor and brought them up to the flannel board for each elephant’s color.  We sang the Color Song and we created elephants out of the letter E.  Before everyone left, we did some color mixing experiments.

I believe the five literacy practices, STEAM activities and technology are important factors that contribute to the child’s development.  However, I believe that it is not only the content we deliver but how we connect to the children. The biggest change I have made is the realization that in the eyes of a child, we are superheroes.  Sometimes, it’s not only what we do, but our interaction with them that may make a difference in their becoming strong Wisconsin readers.  

Diane Palzkill, Children's Librarian and Technology Librarian
Mineral Point Public Library, Mineral Point, WI

Photos provided by the author