Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Webinar Alert: Screen Use for Children Under 3: Research-Based Guidelines for Screen Sense

Mark your calendar and register now for another webinar from Early Childhood Investigations!

Rachel Barr and Claire Lerner
Rachel Barr, Associate Professor, Georgetown University

Claire Lerner, Director of Strategic Initiatives, ZERO TO THREE
Date: May 13, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Technology for infants and toddlers? Appalling or appealing? The webinar, presented by the authors of Zero to Three’s report, “Screen Sense: Setting the Record Straight- Research-Based Guidelines for Screen Use for Children Under 3 Years Old” will review the research, dispel myths, and provide new guidance about using or not using interactive technology with the youngest children. The research is clear: Children learn better and more efficiently from play and interaction in the “real,” three-dimensional (3-D) wor1d with parents, caregivers, and peers. The fact is, however, that young children now grow up in a world of technology-screens are everywhere. Not only are they enticing, children see their parents and teachers using screens, so naturally they are drawn to them. Research shows that when parents and other trusted adults make screen use an interactive, shared experience, it can become a tool for learning, and the potential negative effects can be reduced. This webinar will cover guidelines for parents and caregivers of children younger than 3 years on how to use screens in ways that minimize the potential negative effects and maximize learning.