Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Media Information Table

Guest post by Rebecca Pfile
Tips developed by training participants
I was invited to host an information table at our community sharing supper at the Endeavor Elementary School.  I took the opportunity to be a media mentor and share some of the training that I received at Growing Wisconsin Readers New Media Training in March.  And it was a blast!  
Most of the info on the info board was taken from and www.joanganzcooneycenter.orgI also used some of the slogans that we brainstormed for the 'wall' during the New Media Training.  Along with the info board, I printed out some info sheets that families could take home and also let them know which apps that I had downloaded for training and now have available for them to preview in the library.  I also let families know that I will be showcasing apps during the summer reading program.
The photo collage below illustrates the library's info table and visitors: 

(Left) This is a grandma and grandson playing the 1, 2, Buckle My Shoe app together. 

(Top) This is me and a student playing the Martha Speaks Word Spinner app.  This app is so much fun and a great tool for vocabulary practice.

(Bottom) Here I am with an eager young man, also playing the Martha Speaks Word Spinner app.  He enjoyed the apps and one-on-one attention so much that he hung out for quite a while and tried out a couple of other apps too.  He really liked the Sago Mini Monsters app and played on that one until his family pried him away so other kids could have a chance. 

Written by:
Becky Pfile, Director