Monday, June 22, 2015

New Media/Early Literacy Evening in Monroe, WI

Guest post by Holly Storck-Post

In March, I attended the Growing Wisconsin Readers New Media Training that many people have written about on this blog. At about the same time, I started getting families asking for more evening storytimes, and I wanted to encourage to use more apps in our programs.

storytime materials
Storytime materials (author's image)

Early this year I held an early literacy open house program, and I decided that a similar format that would work best would be to add new media to my early literacy stations and offer families the chance to look at early literacy and new media at the same time.

I planned a mini storytime with a book app, a traditional book, a song, a jumping activity, and a demo of four different apps. I ended up cutting out the activity and shortening the book since I had a small audience, but it still worked!
iPad demonstration
iPad demonstration (author's image)
As we went through the apps, I alternated between addressing the kids and the grownups, and gave everyone a chance to play together and ask questions about the apps. I also made sure to point out the extension activities we did and suggest additional activities.
Then, I let them loose on my 6 stations: one for each early literacy practice and a couple tables of ipads, each with a different app available to play with, including the ones that I had demo’d.
New media and early literacy stations
New media and early literacy stations (author's image)
I also made available our joint media engagement handout, which suggests ways to select and use apps with kids and recommends a few top apps, as well as a small handout listing the apps we used and the book we read that day.
Ok, time for full disclosure: I only had one family and one bored 4th grader show up, so I was a little disappointed about that.
BUT. BUT. It was GREAT. The family came on the recommendation of their daycare provider, and were super into learning about how to use apps with their kids and what they could do together over the summer to get ready for preschool and really listened and did pretty much everything I could have asked for. So basically, I was happy with how it went, and I’m hoping that this is something I can continue to grow.

Written by:

Holly Storck-Post, Youth Services Coordinator
Monroe Public Library, Monroe WI