Wednesday, June 3, 2015

They Are All Digital Natives

Guest post by Lara Lakari

Kids using a tablet
Digital natives (photo provided by the author)
Starting a conversation about appropriate media use can be daunting. However, having tablets and apps in the library gives us a natural spring board. We can model appropriate use, offer experiences with quality applications, and answer questions parents may not even know they had. As media mentors, we are being given another platform to reach patrons, promote early literacy practice, and help parents engage with their children. Having even one tablet at your library allows you to expand your storytime, develop new family programs, and reach tweens and teens in ways that meet their interests.  

The Growing Wisconsin Readers New Media Training was a great, intensive, hands-on opportunity to learn how to accomplish this within the framework of what we already do. We gained the knowledge of how to move our libraries forward in the digital age, what pedagogical research says about media use with children, how to use the apps appropriately, and how to curate apps just as you would any other collection. If you are considering adding tablets to your library, look for a media mentor near you!

Written by:
Lara Lakari, Children’s Services Librarian
Stephenson Public Library (Marinette)