Friday, November 13, 2015

Follow Up to "Toddlers & Tablets" Session at WLA 2015

Were you crammed into Salon A for the WLA session "Toddlers & Tablets: New Media in the Lives of Young Children, Their Caregivers and Librarians"? Or were you unable to attend WLA but hoped to attend this session?  Never fear!  Archived resources are here!

First, a review of the session description:
Parent child tablet

Toddlers & Tablets: New Media in the Lives of Young Children, Their Caregivers and Librarians

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Youth and Special Services Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Madison; Carissa Christner, Youth Services Librarian, Madison Public Library
New media can be described as the ever-evolving software (e.g. apps) and hardware (e.g. tablets) that are radically influencing the childhood experience. 24 Wisconsin librarians participated in the Growing Wisconsin Readers New Media Training in March. Find out how participants have integrated new media into new and existing library collections, programs and services. This session will be facilitated by a trainer from the national Little eLit network, the DPI consultant and training 

NMT participants
Second, a reminder of what the New Media Training is all about: 

Growing Wisconsin Readers New Media Training 

The Growing Wisconsin Readers New Media Training is designed to build capacity within Wisconsin’s youth services librarian community to support new media offerings for young children and their families. By offering this statewide training, Wisconsin hopes to continue to be at the forefront of moving young learners forward in the digital age. The New Media Training is designed to assist the Wisconsin youth services librarians in the integration of new media into new and existing library collections, programs, and services. Professionals from the Little eLit network will facilitate the online and in person training hosted by the Department of Public Instruction.

Toddlers and Tablets screenshot
Lastly, some resources to help you find your way in the realm of public libraries, new media, and families with young children:

Still not enough information? Stay tuned for an online training in development by Tessa Schmidt and Carissa Christner slated for Spring 2016.